Sunday, January 16, 2011


Insomnia seems like it should have an upside.  All those extra hour that weren't spent sleeping.  And even thought I know the you're supposed to use good 'sleep hygiene', i.e., you're supposed to get out of the bed if you can't sleep, a lot of hours are lost to me, staring at the clock until late/early in the morning.

I started out with a photo

 and Gimp'd it into a black and white version with colored eyes.  The eyes actually got a subtle anime treatment and are scaled up to oversize.
I've been interested in the 3D high texture things I'd been trying.  So I underpainted this by painting all the white onto the canvas in very high relief modeling paste (marble clay and acrylic binder.)  Painting over this was easy.
I painted everything a flat Mars Black and then Titanium White onto the raised parts.  I painted some color in  the eyes to emphasize the stare.
This painting is 24"x30" acrylic on canvas.